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Science and Technical Recruitment Specialists

We’ve been engineering Better Mondays for job seekers and employers, across Australia and NZ, for 37 years. We’re proud to have opened our Melbourne branch in 2024.

We are a recruitment company that specialises in Scientific and Technical positions with a focus on sectors driving innovation and advancement

Whether you are a job seeker or a hiring manager looking to fill a role, from graduate to CEO we can help find you a Better Monday.

Job Seekers

Are you a job seeker looking for the next step? We can help you find the right opportunity.

Join our talent pool and our specialist team will get to know your background and experiences, while considering what environment might suit you. When the right role comes up, we will guide you through the recruitment process so you have the best chance for success.


We take the gamble out of making hiring decisions and help you fill any gaps in your team.

We have a robust process, the latest technology and tools, and the team who knows how to use them. This, along with a strong network and great relationships that we have built over decades, we can help find you the right candiates to move into your team, so you can move forward quicker.

Download a complimentary Scitex Workforce Report

We are committed to enhancing work experiences and fostering brighter career prospects, that’s why we commission studies gathering data and insights in Australia and New Zealand, to help local employers shape their future employment related plans.

With unique insight into the world of both candidates and hiring managers, we’ve collated a study from over 1,600 local employees that is availale to help you get optimal outcomes, whether you’re applying or hiring.

To learn more, contact our team at hello@scitex.com.au.

What we specialise in:

Our deep networks and market insights make us experts in placing candidates in these areas:

We work across Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, Food, FMCG, Industrial, Scientific, Environmental, Chemicals, Coatings, Manufacturing, Testing, Cosmetics, Energy, Logistics, Engineering, Technology and others…

What sets us apart

Different industries have different needs. We’ve spent 37 years gathering insights and expertise in scientific and technical communities, careers and jobs.

We’ve had time to build deep rooted market understanding and expertise into scientific and technical communities.

We are well connected, 2 out of 3 positions are filled from within our preexisting networks.

We have a vast network of industry connections and a database of exceptional candidates that make up our talent pool.

Our success rate means we are getting it right and we are putting the right people into the right teams.

We have an expert team analysing the right skills mix, and the culture fit for each role. This means happy people that stay engaged in their jobs for longer.

See what we can do for you, we are here to help

We’ve been in your shoes

Our team is comprised of a unique blend of unparalleled industry experience and qualifications complimented by specialised recruitment experience and training, to keep us at the leading edge of the industry.

We are from a range of backgrounds in scientific and technical roles, and we really understand your needs.

Learn about Our DNA

We place people first and operate with integrity. Its part of who we are. Our DNA forms the basis for our Better Mondays.
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Latest Listings

Take a look at some of the opportunities we currently have open. If nothing fits your background or aspirations, not to worry – often we have other opportunities not listed here.

We encourage you to tell us more about yourself and share your CV, select ‘Register for work’.

Rendering Plant Manager

Be part of one of Victoria largest protein producer, exporting worldwide, bring your rendering / processing experience to help expand your experience.

Rendering Operator

Be part of one of Victoria’s largest protein producer that has been exporting worldwide!

Production Chemist

As a science driven person, join dedicated team and contribute to the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals in a pivotal role in our continued success.

Viral Production Line Lead

Join a global organisation that prides itself on high integrity, ethics and compliance, work with a passionate team and build your lab & People skills

Corporate Governance Officer

New South Wales
If you are a proactive and driven Corporate Governance professional, with a passion for the nutritional industry, we want to hear from you!

Procurement Officer

Shape supply continuity and growth in a fast-paced industry.

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See what we can do for you, we are here to help

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